Flamingoes Flocking In Ocean Grove

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This Franklin Avenue home in Ocean Grove has a flock of flamingoes in its front yard.
A flock of pink flamingoes has descended on Ocean Grove.

"Project Flocking" is the fund-raiser underway by the youth of St. Paul's United Methodist Church. The project began on Sun., Aug. 8 and will run through Thurs., Sept. 30. Here's how the process works:

If you wish to "flock" (i.e. place a pink flamingo lawn ornament) on the yard of anyone in Ocean Grove, you call St. Paul's at 732-775-1125 to obtain the pink order forms.

For $10, a flamingo is placed on your chosen recipient's lawn. For $15, the flamingo is removed from your lawn and placed on the lawn of the person who "flocked" you.

You may also purchase "anti-flock insurance" for $30, which assures that nobody, will "flock" your lawn. Checks should be made out to St. Paul's Methodist Youth. Orders will be accepted through August 30.

Mary Haggard, St. Paul's Youth Director, is running the program. She and her youth group place and remove the pink flamingos after dark, so that the flocking is a morning surprise.