Asbury Park Contest Winners

The home of Ted and Matthew Schleffler and Bernard Figerola, 511 Third Avenue, was a winner in the Asbury Park Homeowners Association Christmas decorating contest.

1101 Summerfield Avenue, home to Deborah, Calvin and Kendra Durham and Kate Glynn again took a prize in the Asbury Park Homeowners Association Christmas decorating contest.

Rich Gore, right, presented a check from the homeowners association to John Simanch of 1006 Fifth Avenue for their Christmas decorations.

The family of Deloris Reed, Kahlya, Shalya, Tyquan and Daniel were lucky winners in the homeowners contest. Richard Gore center, presented the prize.


They came by van, driving around Asbury Park to see the many houses decorated with baubles, bangles and beads as well as lights, candles, gayly wrapped boxes, reindeer, bows, candy canes, wreaths, Santas, trees, whatever. The judges were Sue Henderson, president of the Asbury Park Homeowners Association together with Richard Gore, chair of the contest. They had such a good time admiring the beautifully decorated homes they crossed over into Neptune before they realized it. The recipients of the gifts, whether it was a check for $50. or a free pizza were delighted to be named a winner.

The home on Summerfield has won so many times they will be put on the honorable mention list next year.

The business winner was Wish You Were Here on Cookman Avenue.

Other winners were Malcolm Navias and Tom Pivinski, 1607 Emory Street, Domenic and Mercedes Santana, 300 Second Avenue along with children Bianca, Victoria and Jonathan were on the list. Sidney Innocent, 918 Fourth Avenue, Chris Fernicola and Tony Fatouros,1108 Fourth Avenue, and Bev Morey, 1609 Third Avenue also took prizes.

The contest, as always, was sponsored by the Asbury Park Homeowners Association.