1 Family, 3 Wedding Engagements

Emily and Erik

Roselynd and Edgar

Noah and Christine
By Jim Van Blarcom

The announcement of a wedding engagement is usually good news for any family, at anytime.

Make it during the end-of-the-year holidays, and you have something extra exciting. But amplify the wedding announcement by three, and you have the Rosenblatts of Loch Arbour.

"Dr. Bill and Sara Rosenblatt proudly announce the engagement of their daughter, son and mother all at the same time -- how would you word that?," asked Sarabeth Rosenblatt this week.

Each of the family members and their respective significant others agreed in seperate instances last month to betroth, setting the family off to celebrate three weddings in the coming 16 months.

"It's funny, two grandkids and their grandmother all deciding to marry around the same time," continued the Village Mayor's wife.

"My daughter met her fiance at NYU over the last few years; my son met his fiance at college as well, but seven years ago; and my mother-in-law -- a widower of 40 years -- well, she met her husband-to-be at bingo."

Emily Jill Rosenblatt, 27, a graduate of Ocean Township High School, will marry Erik Michael Wood, 33, son of John and Diane Wood of Agawam, MA, in October.

The couple met approximately 18 months ago in the library at New York University.

Noah Adam Rosenblatt, 24, a graduate of Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, will marry Christine Maria Coloma, daughter of Carlos and Christine Coloma of Madrid, Spain, in June of next year.

Noah and Christine Maria met while attending freshman classes at Rollins College.

The elder bride-to-be, Roselynd Rosenblatt of Asbury Park, will marry Edgar Sherman of Interlaken in February.

The duo met as bingo volunteers at Temple Beth El in Oakhurst.

"For a long time they were announcing that they were 'just friends'," remarked Rosenblatt with a bit of humor.

All three soon-to-be-wed couples have plans to live at the Shore.

"My daughter works in New York City, but I think they will eventually settle down here. And my son plans to open-up a store in Asbury Park," she added, as only a happy mother would.

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