In-Line Skating Rink Raises Concerns
In Shark River Hills
 Some Shark River Hills residents in Neptune are meeting with school officials this week to discuss their concerns about an in-line skating and ice hockey rink under construction at their neighborhood school.
 “That kind of facility belongs at the high school, not a grammar school,” said Jennifer Bookstaver, who lives just down the road from Shark River Hills Elementary School on Morrisey Road. “We are very concerned about the traffic and liability issues.”
 Bookstaver said she and her neighbors do not want a skate park and hockey rink at the school.
 School Superintendent David Mooij, who will meet with residents this week, said schools officials are sensitive to their concerns. He also said the facility is not a skate park.
 “There will in-line skating, rollerblading,” he said. “In the winter it will be flooded for ice skating. We want to hear their concerns and we want to make it as palatable as possible.”
 Mooij said a representative from the police department will also attend the meeting along with a landscape architect.
 “We are discussing a buffer for the neighborhood,” Mooij said.
 Bookstaver said more than a year ago she discussed the issue with retired School Superintendent Michael Lake.
 “We called him, we met with him,” she said. “We all said we didn’t want this, that it wasn’t a good idea. He sent us a letter saying there would be no skate park. I went away Memorial Day weekend and when I came back they were putting it up.”
 Bookstaver said she is concerned about leagues playing at the rink in the winter.
 “We have issues with lighting, what kind of lighting, whether there will be leagues there,” she said. “We recently had a revaluation here and our taxes have gone up. Why is this $100,000 rink  being built?”
hockey rink.jpg
An in-line skating rink, which can also be used in the winter for ice hockey is being built at the Shark River Hills School in Neptune.